For whom is Osteopathy for?

Through a careful anamnesis and a complete postural examination, the osteopath goes in search of the cause of the problem and, through the manual treatment, of its resolution. Osteopathic therapy, thanks to the multiplicity of manual techniques used by the osteopath, is indicated to patients of all ages, from the child to the elderly, from the sportsman to the pregnant woman.

Osteopathy in athletes

The athlete often turns to the osteopath for pain in the cervical, dorsal or lumbar area, trauma in the upper limbs (shoulder, elbow, wrist) or lower (hip, knees and ankles), inflammation.

Osteopathic intervention is very useful in professional and non-professional patients, using manual techniques, such as manipulation and mobilization of soft tissues and joints to restore muscular, articular and fascial mobility and eliminate the dysfunctions affecting the muscle apparatus skeletal.

The osteopath is also important in the prevention of accidents, identifying the biomechanical imbalances and resolving the neurophysiological disorders of the athlete by acting on the articular, fascial, visceral, sacral skull structure, thus ensuring a correct postural balance, optimal articular mobility and good muscle elasticity. and general tissue.


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