For whom is Osteopathy for?

Through a careful anamnesis and a complete postural examination, the osteopath goes in search of the cause of the problem and, through the manual treatment, of its resolution. Osteopathic therapy, thanks to the multiplicity of manual techniques used by the osteopath, is indicated to patients of all ages, from the child to the elderly, from the sportsman to the pregnant woman.

Osteopathy in adults

The most common disorders for which the adult is addressed to the osteopath are: lumbago, lumbago sciatica, headaches, cervicalgia, pathologies of the upper limbs primarily the shoulder, and the lower limb.

These disorders are caused by a dysfunction resulting from an incorrect posture or the chronicity of traumas derived from both daily life and sports. In response to such spoiled postural attitudes or various traumas, the body reacts by looking for compensations and adaptations within the whole organism (musculoskeletal system, visceral and sacral skull) to allow the subject not to feel pain. When accumulated stress (both mechanical and psychological) exceeds the tolerable threshold of our organism, a pathological situation is generated, often perceived as pain: first of all acute and then chronic. The osteopath, through manual treatment, eliminates the restrictions of movement of the musculoskeletal, visceral and cranial-sacral system, in such a way as to eliminate the dysfunctions that have led to the algic symptomatology.


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