Emanuele Luciani, Osteopath and Physiotherapist.


Emanuele Luciani qualified with a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy in 2006 from the University of Rome, completing over 2.000 hours of clinical experience. Before graduating he was already working under supervision in a private practice mainly applying physical therapies. Following graduation he worked in a private clinic, treating mainly orthopaedic patients (hip/knee replacement, ligaments reconstruction), neurological patients  (post-stroke)  and private physiotherapy practices. He then developed an interest in diagnosis and manual therapy, thus he decided to study osteopathy.

In 2012, he qualified with a Master Degree in Osteopathy (M.Ost.) from the British School of Osteopathy,(the oldest and biggest school of osteopathy in Europe), after completing over 1,000 hours of clinical training in Europe’s largest and busiest osteopathy clinic.

Until June 2013, he worked in London at "Croydon Sports Injury Clinic", treating mostly athletes and acute injuries in collaboration with the chiropractor Roddy Knight. Finally in September 2013 he moved back to Italy where he started his own business in Rome (Italy) at "Centro Studi Tre Fontane".

Since October 2014 he is the osteopath of the Volleyball team Fiumicino (third division) and Roma XVI.

Finally in January 2015, he went to India attending successfully the 200 hour yoga teacher training at Panmana Ashram, obtaining the certificate to teach Hatha Yoga.

He registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) number 8232 (click here) and he is a member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society (BMAS).

The GOsC checks that osteopaths have current professional indemnity insurance, remain in good health and of good character, and have met mandatory continuing professional development requirements.

He has a keen interest in back pain, biomechanic, posture, sport injuries,ergonomics, swimming (which he has done for several years achieving 2 silver medals at national level),running,rowing, diving and spearfishing.

Emanuele speaks Italian, English and Greek


  • 2015: London “Professionalism and Professional Boundaries: an Institutional Challenge” presentation of the research "Learning environment, Preparedness and Satisfaction in Osteopathy in Europe: The PreSS Study".
  • 2015: Roma "1° Congresso Nazionale ROI" presentation of the research "Valutazione della preparazione percepita e soddisfazione nell'ambiente formativo tra gli studenti di osteopatia in Europa: lo studio PreSS
  • 2014: Barcelona "Innovation in Osteopathic Education" presentation of the research "Osteopathic student satisfaction and preparedness to practice:a comparative study"
  • 2012: London "9th International Conference on Advances in Osteopathic Research" poster presentation "Osteopathic student satisfaction and preparedness to practice:a comparative study"


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  2. 2014: Osteopathic student satisfaction and preparedness to practice:a comparative studyLuciani E, Cerritelli F, Waters M, Zegarra R. International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine (IJOM)


  • 2015: AOASM 30th Annual Clinical Conference in sport osteopathy -Philadelphia- (USA)
  • 2015: 200 hour yoga teacher training. Bhooma Chaitanya, Karunagapally (India).
  • 2014: MET Approach to Lumbar Spine, Pelvis & Lower Extremity.  Michael Pye, London (UK)
  • 2014: Sport traumatology: surgery and rehabilitation. Dr. Alessandro Lelli -Bologna- (Italy)
  • 2014: The shoulder "today". Dr. Giovanni Di Giacomo  -Siena- (Italy)
  • 2014: Hartman's Master class in manipulative techniques: upper body. Laurie Hartman -London- (UK).
  • 2013: Integrated neuromuscular management of myofascial pain (Trigger Points). Leon Chaitow -London- (UK).
  • 2013: Acupuncture,The British Medical Acupuncture Society. Mike Cummings & Max Forrester -Bristol- (UK).
  • 2013: Taping and Strapping for Sports Injuries,Lyndsey Cannon -London- (UK).
  • 2012: ASAP (Axial Spondylitis: Awareness in Pathology. (on-line).
  • 2012: Internal and external technique in obstetrics and gynecology,Stephen Sandler. -Antwerp- (Belgium).
  • 2011: An introduction to Still Technique, J. Edis and G. Booker. -London- (UK).
  • 2011: Balanced Ligamentous Tension, Sue Turner -London- (UK).
  • 2010: Osteopathic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, Eyal Lederman -London- (UK).
  • 2009: Shoulder rehabilitation B, Gabriele Severini -Milan- (Italy).
  • 2009:Shoulder rehabilitation  A, Gabriele Severini - Milan- (Italy).
  • TECAR therapy.
Emanuele Luciani M.Ost, BSc in Physiotherapy
Rome (Italy),"Centro Studi Tre Fontane" Via Luigi Perna 51, 00142
Please call me on 0039/3488977681 or contact me via email at Emanuele_luciani@yahoo.it
(Home visits at: Gianicolo, Parioli, Prenestina, San Giovanni, Termini, Tiburtina, Trastevere, Tuscolana, EUR).
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